Don’t lose you keys in the lake.

One of the most frequently lost or dropped in the water items turns out to be car keys. And, we’re here to tell you that losing a car key in the water is one of the most frustrating ways to end your time at the lake.

Obviously, you can lock everything on a boat or in the car except for the car key. Someone is going to have to keep in hand. And it turns out that no matter how careful you try to be, car keys tend to fall out of pockets, wet bags seem to fall overboard and people quickly become stranded with no way to start the car.

So, a quick hack is to make your own floating key ring:

  1. Start with a wine cork
  2. Use a hoop screw and set that in the cork
  3. Attach a metal key loop onto the hoop and your key fob

Dunking a key fob in the lake will probably take out the battery of the key fob. We suggest keeping either a spare fob inside the car or keeping a fresh battery in the glove compartment so that you can swap batteries once you are inside the car.